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 Video footage of Stig Blomqvist, Bjorn Waldegard, Alister McRae and Francois Duval (Team RallyXtreme) on Legend Boucles de Spa Rally, Wilcox 2 Litre BDG engines

Alister McRae video

Bjorn Waldegard Video Blomqvist,Waldegard and Everett Video Francois Duval Video 1

 Francois Duval Video 2

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Alister McRae

Didier Auriol

Francois Duval

Bjorn Waldegard

Stig Blomqvist


Francois Duval Winner of Spa Rally 2016 using a Wilcox 2 Litre BDG engine

Click to view Video On Board Camera Francois Duval

Click to view Video On Board Camera Francois Duval Night Stage


One,Two  1st and 2nd overall on Legend Boucles de spa Rally 2015 using Wilcox 2 Litre BDG's in RallyXtreme and Rallying Solutions Escorts

Three times consecutive Winner Francois Duval 2013, 2014 and 2015

  Second overall fellow Belgian Raphael de Borman


Winner Francois Duval and Alister McRae 2nd BDG engined Escort on Legend Boucles de Spa 2014.

1st overall Francois Padrona , 2nd overall Gerald Toedtli, 4th overall Jeremie Todetli
on Tour de Corse Historique 2013 using Wilcox 2 Litre BDG engines

Video Film Tour de Corse Historique 2013


Video footage of Robert Droogmans (winner) and Mark Duez (fourth) on the Ypres Historic Rally 2011 using Wilcox 2 litre BDG engines

Video 1

Video 2

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 Robert Droogmans Winner 2011

 Robert Droogmans

Marc Duez 4th 2011

Video footage of Greek hill climb champion using Wilcox 2 litre BDG


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New Engines hand built to order, choice of specifications


Engines Built to


BDG on Carburettors


 Lucas Mechanical Injection


Alloy block, Steel N/J lightweight crank, I section Steel con rods, forged pistons, Steel flywheel, twin paddle clutch, dry sump pump and pan, big valve head, latest spec cam carrier, 48 Weber carbs, Works type throttle linkage, air filter, electronic ignition kit and plug leads.

Engines are fully assembled, fitted to the dynamometer, run in, set up and power tested.

20400.00 +VAT

Available extras: Starter Motor, Alternator and Exhaust manifold


Alloy block, Steel N/J lightweight crank, I section Steel con rods, forged pistons, Steel flywheel, twin paddle clutch, dry sump pump and pan, big valve head, latest spec cam carrier, full mechanical injection system including throttle slide, trumpets, injectors, air filter, metering unit, complete drive system, high pressure fuel pump, fuel filter and pressure regulator. Electronic ignition kit and plug leads.

Engines are fully assembled, fitted to the dynamometer, run in, set up and power tested. 

28990.00 +VAT

Available extras: Starter Motor, Alternator and Exhaust manifold

More Information


More Information


BDG on Electronic Injection

Alloy block, steel N/J lightweight crank, H section steel con rods, forged pistons, steel flywheel, twin paddle clutch, dry sump pump and pan, big valve head, latest spec cam carrier, side-draft throttle bodies, Ecu, injectors, all sensors, wiring harness, fuel filter, fuel pump, air filter, and plug lead set. 

Fully assembled, programmed and dyno tested.



BDD 1600 Formula Atlantic


Cast iron block, steel N/J Lightweight crank, H section steel con rods, forged pistons, steel flywheel, twin plate clutch, dry sump pump and pan, race spec head, fully strengthened cam carrier, 48 Weber carbs, air filter, electronic ignition kit and plug lead set.

Fully assembled and dyno tested.



BDH 1300 cc



1300 BDH engines and special components available

Prices available for All types of BD engines , 1000cc, 1300cc, 1400cc, 1600cc Etc.


Engine Subassemblies

 2 litre and 2.2 litre Alloy block assemblies

FIA legal large valve BDG  heads and assemblies

1600cc Formula Atlantic or 1700cc Iron block assemblies 

1600cc Atlantic or 1700cc large valve race heads and assemblies


Short motors can be purchased fully assembled to suit various specifications i.e. 2000cc Alloy block, 1600cc or 1300cc Iron block. Telephone or email for details.

Cylinder heads can be purchased fully assembled or complete with cam carrier, camshafts, followers with tappets adjusted. Telephone or email for details.

Electronic injection systems and kits


BDG engine fitted with short track roller barrel system

Butterfly or roller barrel throttle bodies, distributor or Distributorless injection kits available for all BD type engines.

Complete engine kits available 

 2.0L Alloy block Engine kit

1.6L Steel block Engine kit


BDR kits now available to convert your Ford Crossflow into a 1700cc 160bhp/170bhp engine

All new BDR conversion kit


Cylinder Head 4 bolt exhaust

Cylinder head 3 bolt exhaust


New cylinder heads available large and small valve. Old heads repaired and refurbished, modified to all specs. Valve inserts and guides made and fitted.


Cast Cylinder Block

Aluminium Cylinder Blocks

711M 1600 strengthened Cast Cylinder Blocks, Standard bore suitable for BDA, BDB, BDC, BDD, BDM and BDR

New Alloy cylinder blocks fully machined, linered and bored to 90mm, 90.335mm and 90.424mm

New Cosworth Cylinder Block

New Genuine Cosworth Alloy pressure cast Cylinder block with 90.335 mm Abdicote 2000 coated cylinder bores (Nikasil). Cosworth price 7600 + VAT

Our price 6200 + VAT


Plug Lead Sets

Ignition Systems

Plug lead sets custom made in Black or Red

Lucas Constant Energy Electronic ignition kits

Competition Rev Limiter

Competition Ignition System

 Adjustable rev limiter, can be adjusted to suit engine

An alternative to the Lucas Constant Energy kit is the Lumenition system complete with new base plate, rotor and pickup, this converts the original Lucas 43/45 DM distributors.

Rotor Arms

Have you had rotor arm reliability issues? Our Special rotor arms have been manufactured in Italy to overcome the problems which are now proven and tested.



 After more than 30 years of building and testing the BD series engines we have learned a great deal about camshafts  whether the application is for race, rally, sprint or hill climb. We stock a range of camshafts with various profiles including some specially developed by ourselves


Valve Train

As the Cosworth German schmithelm spring is no longer available, we have had to re-manufacture the spring in Germany to the same specification and carry a large stock

Steel valve retainers, platforms and cotters to suit German race double springs


Steel valve retainers, double springs, platforms and cotters. A conversion kit for standard BDA using higher lift camshafts


Standard Steel RS1600/RS1800 Valve retainers to suit standard flat shims



Cam carriers

New cam carriers available for BDA to BDG spec, cam shafts, cam buckets and all valve train



New design EN40B steel crankshafts with, lightened counterbalance webs and bored out big end journals. Various strokes available


Con rods

Forged steel con rods, H and I section



We carry a large stock of heavy duty race, mains, big ends and narrow journal bearings




Forged pistons available, full skirted and slipper type


Dry and Wet sump Oil system parts

Works Escort type 2 gallon dry sump tanks, fully baffled. Smaller tanks suitable for kit cars and single seater installation. Dry sump pumps, H/P H/C oil pumps, oil cooler sandwich blocks and remote oil filters

Dry sump installation kit for Mk 1 Mk 2 Escorts

Sump pans

Alloy dry Sump pans available, half trough for Escort installation or full trough for single seaters etc


Stud and Bolt kits

Head bolt sets 7/16 UNC

Head stud set 7/16 UNC to 7/16 UNF

Head stud set 12mm to 7/16 UNF


Cam Covers

Re- Manufactured Ford original cast cam lid

Re- Manufactured Ford Original cast Lucas Mechanical Injection cam lid

 Cosworth original cast cam lid ( limited stock )


Steel Flywheels

A range of steel flywheels to suit most clutches.



Camshaft Pulleys

Original Cosworth cast and CNC machined adjustable pulleys.



Lucas Mechanical Fuel Injection kits

New mechanical fuel  injection kit, rear driven , side mounted metering unit to suit Formula 2 and sports car installation.

New mechanical fuel injection kit, front driven , top mounted metering unit to suit Escort installation.


Aluminium Trumpets and Air Filters kits

Fuel Pressure Relief Valves

Spun aluminium or CNC machined trumpets and air filter kits available for throttle slides

    Original Lucas type fuel pressure relief valves

Carburettors and accessories

Foam Air Filters

      Stockists of Weber carburettors, wide range of trumpets, linkage joints, jets and accessories.

We stock a large range of foam filters and filter oils

 One off filters can be tailor made to suit your needs phone for details.


Fuel Pumps and Regulators

Weber 48 DCO2sp Trumpets

Fast road / competition, injection and carburettor fuel pumps, pressure regulators and accessories

Weber 48 DCO2sp short 30mm long replacement, fully flared aluminium trumpets.


Throttle Linkages

Universal twin cable Weber throttle linkage.

 Fully rose jointed works type throttle linkage with two spindle return springs.

Fully rose jointed works type throttle linkage.


Engine Stands

Steel tubular engine stands, ideal for transportation


Engine Mounts

World Cup engine mounts

Starter Motor

Competition Heavy Duty Pre Engaged Starter Motor


Alternator and Bracket

3 Bolt fixing alternator bracket and high powered alternators


Alternator and bracket

Twin bolt Works Type alternator bracket kit. High powered alternator to suit.



Thermostats and  housings

Remanufactured original thermostat housings with sensor boss. Thermostats available in 75, 82 and 88 degrees



Water Pumps

Water pumps to suit BDA, BDG and BDT




Gaskets and seals

All competition gaskets and seals available, including a large selection of conventional and multi layered head gaskets from 81mm to 90mm.

Stainless Steel Exhaust port blanks 3 & 4 bolt


Exhaust manifolds

Works type race and rally exhaust manifolds, 4 into 2 into 1 or 4 into 1 configuration.



Cam belts

After purchasing the last 500 Ford BD belts, we have now had the belts re- manufactured by Gates and carry a large stock.


Belt drive kits

HTD complete drive assembly

  Various back drive and polly V kits.

Re - manufactured BDA original water pump & crank    V pulleys made in Alloy.

Escort radiator and heater hose kit

Ford BDA engine workshop manual


Engines and Performance Parts distributed worldwide

All new individual components available for the BD series engines



FORD BD series engine

Alloy cylinder block 90mm, 90.335, 90.424 bore 3250.00
Cast 711M cylinder blocks standard bore 1285.00
7/16 unc / 12mm Head Studs, nuts and washer kit - Suit alloy block 198.00
7/16 unc Head studs, nuts and washer kit - Suit alloy block ARP 116.00

Head bolts 7/16 unc  or 12mm cap head


Cast Iron Block 80.97mm, Refurbished, linered    711M                                      POA
BDG Cylinder Head, Unleaded seats and guides


Steel Crankshaft EN40B 63mm, 72.75mm, 77.6mm, 80.8mm, 84mm


Scat Heavy Duty Crankshaft 630.00

Steel Conrods 4.800", 4.826", 4.926", 5.230", (Specials to order)


Steel Conrods H or I section


Steel Flywheels 6 or 12 bolt 81/2" clutch or 71/4" clutch                     From


Steel Jackshaft, single or twin bolt


Dry sump pans (half trough)


Dry sump pan (full trough)


Dry sump pan (Atlantic)


Dry sump pump 4 or 5 port - None Tacho


Dry sump pump 4 or 5 port  Tacho Facility


Wet sump High pressure oil pump /  high capacity oil pump 


Dry Sump oil Tank - Works Type - 2 Gallon with Union or Push on Fittings                152.00

Water pump cast block


Water pump alloy block


Water pump B.D.T


Plug lead set


Lucas competition distributor with points


Lucas constant energy ignition kit with distributor and coil


Lumenition Competition Electronic Ignition Kit 223.00
Lumenition Fitting Kit to convert Constant Energy distributor 56.35
Lumenition Fitting Kit to convert points distributor 43D4 22.75
Lumenition Rev Limiter 81.50

Jackshaft pulley, single or twin bolt


Crank tooth pulley


Crank tooth pulley, Pushrod to B.D.A


Fixed Idler pulley/ Bearings/ Hub/ Spacer


Adjusting Idler pulley/ Bearings/ Hub/ Collar


Adjusting Idler pulley oversized 41.64

2 Cam pulleys Cosworth cast type


2 Cam pulleys  alloy CNC machined 170.36

Water pump back-drive pulley


Poly V crank pulley


Poly V water pump pulley


Poly V alternator pulley


Poly V belt


Cam belt 1600/2000


Cam belt 1300


Front cover


Rear cover


Cam cover


Camshafts re profiled (per pair)


Camshafts profiled from blanks (per pair)


Alternator bracket ( rubber mounted ) 85.00

Alternator stud


Alternator nylon arm


Big end bolts competition for std con rods (each)


Big end bolts "V" type (each)


Big end bolts Heavy Duty (Set)


Inlet manifolds per pair


Race Double Valve springs -  (per spring)


Double valve spring - suit Cosworth retainer (per spring) 8.51

Valve springs - double (per set)


Valve springs - std (per set)


Valve springs platforms B.D.A (each)


Valve springs platforms B.D.G (each)


Steel valve retainers (each)


Valve guides (cast) (each)


Valve guides (bronze) (each)


Valve stem seal (each)


Cam followers (each)


Tappet shims - std  (each)


Tappet shims - top hat (each)


Valve cotters  (each)


Inlet Valve 1.220", 1.275", 1.325", 1.360", 1.400" (each)                                                       From


Exhaust valve 1.000", 1.075", 1.145", 1.200"  (each)                                                             From


Cam carrier- BDA 


Cam carrier- BDG


Works type throttle linkage                                                                                                From

Ford BDA Engine Workshop Manual 50.00

More parts available, prices subject to change. All parts are + VAT.


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